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E-mail Marketing Services

E-mail is one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox for not only generating new business, but also increasing the lifetime value of each of your customers through repeat orders or cross selling additional services. When effective strategies for e-mail marketing programs are executed properly, the results can be staggering. Plus, e-mail is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your current customers, saving you valuable time and money.

With e-mail, you can quickly and inexpensively reach a very large, targeted audience without the need for lots of print space or the cost of television air time.

Mandzok Marketing has been running successful e-mail marketing campaigns since the 1990’s.

  • A strategic e-mail marketing program can increase the lifetime value of your customers through encouraging repeat buying.
  • Automated e-mail responder programs save you time and money in communicating basic information to your customers.
  • E-mail marketing can be an effective prospecting tool to grow your customer base and increase brand awareness.
  • A customized e-mail Marketing strategy developed for a client in the HR Products industry increased repeat orders by 107%.
  • E-mail for that client quickly became the most profitable marketing channel.
  • By using organic methods Mandzok Marketing grew the in-house customer list an average of 20% each year.
  • Using existing customer lists.
  • Building new customers through list rentals.
  • Growing the in-house list organically.
  • Customized automated e-mail strategies to follow up on leads or sell more to your existing customer base.

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