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Search Engine Marketing

Fully Integrated Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategies

Because of our integrated approach, Mandzok Marketing takes your message to a variety of potential new customers from a variety of new sources to drive new business right through your front door. SEM or “Search Engine Marketing” is one small part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy we will develop to meet the specific needs of your business.

SEM in a Nutshell

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) involves purchasing paid advertisements on search engines and their partners. On Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), paid ads appear above and to the side of the natural or organic listings on the major search engines. These ads are also commonly referred to as the “PPC” or “Pay-Per-Click” ads as that has been the standard pricing model since the beginning.

The Google Display Network (GDN)

The Google Display Network is an extremely vast network of web sites that have all agreed to allow Google to advertise. With close to 1 billion individual sites and Google’s sophisticated ad serving algorithm, Mandzok Marketing has successfully used the GDN to drive extremely targeted visitors to our client’s sites to increase the ability to convert more visitors into customers.

Mobile Advertising

This is the year for mobile! Back in 2012, well-respected digital marketing analysis firm, eMarketer, predicted that by 2015 mobile searches would overtake the number of searches performed on desktop computers. If your site and your strategy aren’t ready, you could miss the boat. At Mandzok Marketing, our design experts have pioneered responsive design to maximize your site’s mobile experience. Combine that with our team’s expertise in developing mobile advertising strategies for a winning combination!


Also called “remarketing” this type of advertising has gained in popularity in recent years because it has quickly become one of the most successful ad placement mediums for advertisers. By leveraging placed cookies and a sophisticated algorithm, retargeting platforms know which visitors to your site did not make a purchase or fill in a lead form. The system then follows these users as they move through the internet to remind them about the benefits of choosing your business over your competition.

There are dozens of reasons why an effective SEM Campaign is vital to the success of any digital marketing campaign. Here is our take:

  • The ads are visible to your potential customers while they are in the middle of their buying cycle – when they are ready to purchase your product or sign up for your service.
  • Your ads reach as broad or specific geo-targeted audience as you desire, from specific zip codes to national placements.
  • As many as 30% of all clicks on a search results page happen on the paid advertisements.
  • Low-cost commitment – see instant traffic even with low budgets.
  • Instantly adaptable – as your promotions change your paid ads can be changed instantly – or even scheduled in advance.
  • Full control of your budget spend – you set your own limit on daily spend for the campaigns.
  • Full insight on which keywords are the most effective at creating new business, integrating that knowledge with SEO and other marketing channels.
  • Easily and quickly test new services, products or marketing messages before investing in them in other channels.
  • You can easy split test ads or perform experiments for a low cost.
  • It can be a cost effective way of marketing your company on a small budget, utilizing the right targeting, time of day and high performing keywords.
  • Our staff is fully certified by both Google AdWords and Bing Ads, and has been since those certifications were first created.
  • We have a proven track record of success with creating SEM strategies for small businesses. By developing an International Strategy to grow the consumer side of a local construction industry client, we:
    • Grew sales overall by 48% by tapping into key markets in Canada, the UK and Europe.
    • An additional remarketing strategy further increased sales from repeat visitors by 23%.
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Copy Development
  • A/B or Multivariate Testing (ad copy, landing pages)
  • Ongoing Optimization (bid management, negative keywords, negative placements, etc.)
  • Google Analytics Setup/Tags
  • Reporting and Analysis of Campaign Performance

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